What to look for when choosing a travel backpack

As one seasoned hiker said, “First you choose your backpack, and then the rest of the equipment that fits into it. But not the other way around. " Therefore, the first thing you need to decide on is the displacement (internal volume) of the backpack.

20-35 liters - backpack for day hikes or climbing. Everything you need will fit here: a raincoat, a thermos, sandwiches, a first aid kit and personal items. Models with such a displacement are suitable, for example, for trips to the Carpathians, when you live in a comfortable house and go out for a walk in the nearby mountains. In addition, they are convenient to use in the city or when traveling. https://alternative-me.com/how-to-choose-a-beach-bag/

35-50 liters - storm or mountaineering backpacks. Considering the cost, such backpacks are usually used by freeriders, climbers or lifeguards. For ordinary people, it can be useful during a vacation at a ski resort. There are also simpler models in this displacement range. For a beginner tourist, this will be the best choice. Designed for 2-3 day light hikes.

50-100 liters - a full-fledged hiking backpack. It will fit everything you need for a hike from 4 to 20 days: warm clothes, a tent, a sleeping bag, boilers and food. And if something does not fit, then outside there are special puffs with which you can fix a pad, tent or other things. On the other hand, in this case, you should carefully review its contents: maybe you accidentally grabbed something unnecessary?

100-150 liters - expedition backpacks. This capacity is suitable for difficult sports trips or expeditions, lasting from 20 days to several months. With such a backpack - 140 liters - I went through 4 years and I can say with confidence: you need to try very hard to fill it to the brim. Even if it turned out to be done, I cannot guarantee that it will be possible to carry such a weight for a long time.